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Fulfilling a Dream
The Ultimate Law Degree

At age 72, Bruce Hopkins decided to return to law school to earn the SJD degree (Doctor of Juridical Science). While this had been a lifetime dream, Mr. Hopkins knew this was a big decision and life change to return to law school to obtain this degree. Once he enrolled, Mr. Hopkins began to chronicle his experiences of going through the 'third degree' at his advanced age. 

This memoir opens with a brief analysis of the SJD degree, and describes the angst Mr. Hopkins dealt with in making this decision. When returning to law school at age 72, it had been a few decades since Mr. Hopkins had earned his last degree.

Once enrolled, the reader goes to class with Mr. Hopkins, meeting fellow students (decades younger), law professors (also younger), and suffering along through the struggles with studying and taking law examinations again.  The story shares his romp through tax, banking, constitutional, and other law subjects. 

Discover how returning to law school invigorated Mr. Hopkins' law practice and enhanced his professional writing.  The book tells his story through the dissertation process, delayed due to some personal tribulations, and then shares the excitement of his law school graduation. Read memories shared during the graduation after-party from partygoers who told their own stories about him.

Learn how this experience changed Bruce Hopkins' life and his hopes that others will find the courage to pursue a life dream.

This book is an updated version of the previously published SJD: What’s the Point of Three (Law Degrees).

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A Nonprofit Lawyer

"You're a what?"  As a nonprofit lawyer, Bruce Hopkins has heard that reaction more than a few times, but it still makes him smile. A practicing lawyer for more than five decades, Hopkins is a nationally recognized leader concerning the statutes, regulations, other rules and case law pertaining to nonprofit organizations. These organizations face a dizzying number of requirements both for gaining recognition of tax exemption from the IRS and filing annual information returns to continue to justify that status. Luckily for them, lawyers like Hopkins are there to help.

A Nonprofit Lawyer is one part crash course in nonprofit law -- (Chapter 6 is "150 Bodies of Law Readers Might Want to Know") and one part memoir/autobiography telling the story of how Hopkins initially stumbled into nonprofit law and how he has become a prolific lawyer and speaker on the subject, while also maintaining a busy practice. Anyone interested in specific applications of nonprofit law or just looking for an interesting read about a passionate specialist will find plenty to like on these pages.

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A Nonprofit Lawyer

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