The Writing Life 1975-1979

The Law of Tax-Exempt Organizations was published in 1975 (with Jack Myers as co-author). The book was published (softcover) by a District of Columbia printing company, which printed materials for use in D.C. area law schools – Lerner Law Book Company, Inc (“LLB”). The book was used in the GWU course.

Throughout 1976, I worked on revising, updating, expanding the book. I left Jack’s firm that year.

The Law of Tax-Exempt Organizations was published (softcover) by LLB in its second edition, with me as the sole author.

In early 1978, I made the acquaintance of Malvern J. Gross, Jr., a well-known accountant in the nonprofit field. John Wiley & Sons published his book (Financial and Accounting Guide for Nonprofit Organizations), under the name of a division specializing in books on accounting (Ronald Press). Mal introduced me to his editor, who subsequently agreed to publish my book.

Mal Gross’s book was the first book in the nonprofit field published by Wiley. (Initially, Wiley saw it as an accounting book, not a nonprofit one.) Mine would be the second. (Today, counting the Jossey-Bass series, Wiley has over 100 titles in the nonprofit realm in print.)

I spent the year revising the book for its publication by Wiley.

John Wiley & Sons published The Law of Tax-Exempt Organizations, Third Edition (hardcover) in 1979. That was a realization of a dream: publication by a national publishing company.

Wiley decided that this book should be annually supplemented.

For some, however, nothing is worth doing if it is not worth overdoing. I immediately set about to write a second book. I selected the subject of fundraising by charitable organizations.