About the Bruce R. Hopkins Law Firm

Bruce R. Hopkins practices in the field of nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations. His clients include charitable and educational organizations, associations, colleges, universities, hospitals, other health care providers, religious organizations, business and professional associations, and private foundations. Many nonprofit organizations retain Mr. Hopkins as general counsel; others use his services as special tax and/or fundraising counsel.

Bruce R. Hopkins offers nearly 50 years of experience in the field of nonprofit law. 

Bruce R. Hopkins is Special Counsel to the law firm of Hamilton Vopelak PC

Throughout his career, Mr. Hopkins has authored a library of more than 40 books, articles, newsletters, court opinions and other resources focused on nonprofit law. You may access many of those resources featured on the Books and Nonprofit Law Center sections of this site.

In his monthly newsletter, The Bruce R. Hopkins Nonprofit Counsel, published by Wiley, Mr. Hopkins provides up-to-date information on key topics in the field of nonprofit law.  You can read about this publication and find subscription information on the Newsletter section of this site. You also will find on this page an index and summaries of the articles featured in all past issues.