Bruce R. Hopkins practices nonprofit law and works with tax-exempt and charitable organizations.  For nearly 50 years, Hopkins not only practiced law
in this field, he also has authored more than 40 books that outline the laws
for tax-exempt organizations. As the Professor from Practice at the
University of Kansas School of Law, Hopkins also teaches courses
in nonprofit law.

Welcome to the Bruce R. Hopkins Law Firm, which represents nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations. 

In addition to information about the firm’s services, on this site you will find current developments in nonprofit organizations law in the Nonprofit Law Center.

Visit Bruce R Hopkins Books to find an inventory of pertinent books about nonprofit law, written and co-written by Bruce R. Hopkins. On that site, you also will find information about his monthly newsletter, the Bruce R. Hopkins Nonprofit Counsel,  which provides updates and insights about new  cases, developments and insights in the nonprofit law field.

    Bruce R. Hopkins is Special Counsel to the law firm
    of Hamilton Vopelak PC.